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Engaged Dogs was created out of the desire to help pups and pawrents live their happiest and healthiest lives together. We offer a variety of Engaged Services to support each member of your pack by meeting them exactly where they are, with no judgement and no expectations, all while helping them work to be their best selves.

Engaged Dogs offers dog training, education opportunities, wellness plans, and more.

Living Engaged means learning together, accepting where we are while working to be our best feeling selves, and always doing the best we can with what we have.

Engaged Dogs staff utilizes science based, positive reinforcement style training techniques and considers the well-being of the whole dog in our treatment style approach.

Are you ready to Live Engaged?

Check out our services and set up a consultation to discuss how Engaged Dogs can help you and your pup(s) live a little more Engaged today!

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Sara-Jane Gage
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Sara is the creator of Engaged Dogs,

co-creator of the Live Engaged brand and Engaged Fitness, a psychologist, former elementary school teacher, therapist, yogi, educator, trainer (both personal training and dog training,) and a coach.

Sara's unique experience and skill set allows her to help all family members, both 2 legged and 4 legged, live together cohesively. Utilizing her vast experience and knowledge of human and dog psychology, behavior, and communication, Sara is able to help pups and pawrents work through behavior challenges, establish routines and behaviors that work for the whole family, and live their happiest and healthiest lives together. 

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Our Services

Engaged Walks -

45 minutes- $77.00

Engaged Walks are training and enrichment focused walks that are intended to meet each pup exactly where they are in their training journey.

All Engaged Dogs work on building confidence, building impulse control, building neutrality, and learning real world manners in order to co-exist happily and healthily alongside their pawrent. 

Focus is on teaching leash manners, emotional regulation skills, and helping them to be confident and neutral. Pawrents may identify additional goals for their pup, as discussed during the initial consultation.

Pawrents do not need to be home for this service if their trainer has the ability to get in/ out with the pup easily.

Within 24 hours of the session, a report card with videos, photos, and a brief summary will be provided so that pawrents can observe what their pups worked on during their Engaged Walk while also learning how to maintain and continue to evolve their pups new skills. 


Private Training Sessions -

   30 minutes- $75.00

   60 minutes-$135.00

Private training sessions include

the pup and any humans involved in their life regularly that may be involved in their training.

Training sessions are individualized to meet each pup and pawrent team exactly where they are. History, challenges, nutrition, lifestyle, and goals will all be identified during the initial consultation.

Some private training session goals may include: 

Teaching a Place cue

Teaching your pup not to jump

Establishing routines

Teaching leash manners

Practicing calm greetings

Practicing cooperative care techniques

All training session goals are identified together as a collective team looking to support pups and pawrents in coexisting happily and healthily, together. 

Private training sessions can be booked, in person in the SW DC area or may be completed virtually. 

Initial Consultation*

30 minutes


Initial consultations allow pups, pawrents,

and our trainer to meet, discuss the pups' history, any current challenges or goals, and how our trainer can help.

During this consultation, our trainer will likely do some simple assessments while gathering information pertinent to informing the training plan. 


*ALL new clients must engage in an initial consultation prior to being able to book subsequent services. In some cases, consultations may be completed virtually.


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Want to learn more and

to meet a few of

our Engaged friends?

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Rules of Engagement

Engaged Dogs

is a labor of love, created and run by

Sara-Jane Gage, an autistic, queer, female presenting, dog loving introvert whose passion is to help other humans appreciate their dogs and to experience all of the joy that comes from having an amazing relationship with their dog.

In order for Engaged Dogs to run successfully while accommodating our creator, we have some rules of engagement we thank you for being mindful of: 

1) Sara is available via text or email for currently engaged clients anytime for additional support. Texts will be answered within 24 hours of receipt while emails may be answered within 36 hours of receipt.

2) Sessions must be booked, on the website, a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Any changes must be made 24 hours prior or accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) will be charged their regular session fee.

3) Pickups/ Drop-offs must be quick with limited conversation to allow Sara to remain timely to all clients. Any communication/ questions/ suggestions are welcomed via text, email, or voice memos. If Sara has information that needs to be relayed at the conclusion of a session, she will send this via text or voice memo.

3) Report cards, session summaries, and other paperwork has a 24-48 hour turnaround. 

4) Dog training is a collaborative endeavor which requires just as much engagement and investment from the humans as it does the canines involved. Please remember that report cards and resources are provided to help you continue to evolve your dog's training and to build your relationship with them.

If you do not continue to use the skills learned through your dog's Engaged services, it is likely your dog will not maintain their learned skills and/or may not be able to produce the learned behaviors consistently. We ask that you remember learning takes time and to do everything in your power to set your dog up for success!

Thank you for understanding and respecting our 'rules of engagement' and for being part of the Engaged Dogs Pack!

Wellness Consultation
60 minute
Our individualized wellness plans
are intended to empower pups and pawrents to be their happiest and healthiest selves, together. 
During this consultation, our Wellness Coach will teach you about the Dimensions of Wellness that overlap between humans and canines, discuss your current wellness challenges for your pup, yourself, or both, and identify some simple and easy strategies that you can incorporate into your daily life to improve the health and quality of both you and your pups' lives. 
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60 minutes


Join us Saturday mornings, 9-10AM, 

beginning at Waterfront Park

(across from 525 Water St SW)

for an Engaged Pack Walk!

Engaged Pack Walks are an opportunity for pup and pawrent teams to build their relationship and their pups' focus around other pup and pawrent teams while strolling through SWDC.

Engaged Pack Walks give teams the opportunity to practice their pups' leash manners in a pack walk scenario. Teams can proof their pup's skills, help them build confidence and neutrality around other dogs, improve their emotional regulation skills, improve the pup and pawrent relationship, and increase handler engagement all while walking around and enjoying SWDC together.

Pup and pawrent teams are asked to arrive 10-20 minutes early for Engaged Pack Walks in order to give their pup the opportunity to acclimate and get neutral around other teams. During the entirety of these sessions, NO ON LEASH GREETINGS are allowed in order to help pups learn neutrality around other pup and pawrent teams. 

We welcome teams working on a range of behaviors, which often include big emotions from our 4-legged friends. It is important that we all help to set our pups up for success by keeping a 6-15 foot distance from the next team at all times in order to help pups be more engaged with their handler and build neutrality around the other working teams.

Pawrents are highly encouraged to use all of their learned skills to get and maintain their pup's engagement as often as possible during this session to build handler focus. 

Our trainer will be present and answering questions, helping teams problem solve, and reviewing simple techniques to help pups be successful around a variety of distractions.  

Please bring a variety of high incentive treats (consider feeding your pups meal + treats during these sessions to avoid overfeeding,) and a leash 6 feet or shorter leash for these sessions. (No retractable leashes (for safety) please.)

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